Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Assessment

Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Assessment | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


Patients with diabetes are at risk of developing foot problems and these simultaneously increase the risk of foot complication such as ulceration and amputation. Foot ulceration and amputation are the most common diabetic complications affecting the foot and lower leg. There are several factors contributing to foot problems and complications, but with early detection and management of these risk factors, it can reduce and further prevent foot ulceration and amputation concurrently.


At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, our podiatrists understand the importance of early detection of a diabetic foot at risk of foot complications. It is our aim to prevent diabetic foot ulceration and amputation. To detect at-risk diabetic foot, our podiatrist will perform a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment.


This comprehensive foot assessment comprises of assessing several important components, mainly the risk factors for developing foot problems and complication.  These risk factors are readily identifiable from a thorough history taking and physical examination. Our podiatrists use an up-to-date and effective assessment tools and equipment to examine the foot status.


The most important component in our assessment is the history of previous foot ulceration, the status of neuropathy (loss of protective sensation), present of foot deformity, and/or present of vascular disease, and/or present of skin and nail pathology.