Compression Wound Dressing

Compression Wound Dressing | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, compression wound dressing is a technique combining compressions therapy and wound dressing in treating your venous leg ulcer. Our compression therapy includes compression bandages and it is usually one of the first methods in treating venous leg ulcers.


Compression therapy with a good wound dressing increases the healing process of venous leg ulcer, which usually is chronic and takes a longer time to heal. Compression increases the pressure in the tissue under the skin and reduces swelling by pushing the excess fluids that build up on the legs back into the blood vessels. The pressure will also prevent the veins in the leg to expand, increasing a good blood flow and stopping it from flowing backwards. Increasing this venous flow speeds up wound healing and assists in preventing infection.


Compression will limit the swelling and as a result, will reduce oedema surrounding the wound/ulcer as well. When the swelling is reduced, the surrounding tissue (around the wound/ulcer) will be able to receive the oxygen needed to heal the wound/ulcer. In many cases, when compression therapy is applied properly combined with the appropriate wound dressing, venous leg ulcers can heal faster than without applying the compressions.


Our acute care team of podiatrists will ensure a proper application of both therapy and wound dressing to help heal leg ulcers to prevent infection and further prevent leg amputation.