Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic Shoe Insoles | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


Patients with diabetes may still want to continue a good quality of life without compromising their existing lifestyle. At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, we understand that many patients find diabetic shoes unattractive and interfere with their work and leisure. We offer customised foot orthotics specifically for people with diabetes which aim at preventing the development of foot conditions associated with diabetes.


If left untreated, conditions such as foot deformities can lead to ulcerations and non-healing wounds which put diabetic feet at risk of amputation. Therefore, the orthotics are intended to prevent irritation and friction anywhere under and around the feet. Just as importantly, they are customised and individually designed to support and protect the bones and joints. This protects the skeletal architecture of diabetic feet which are often at risk of damage and collapse.


Based on international standards, any person with diabetes will benefit from orthotics to reduce their risk of ulcerating or re-ulcerating. According to the International Diabetes Federation, offloading for people with diabetes remains a challenge. The most practical way includes the use of foot orthotics (customised insoles) to redistribute foot pressure over a large surface area, which reduces the overall risk of foot ulceration.