Foot and Toe Deformities

Diabetic Foot Deformities | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


Foot deformities are common complications observed in the lower limbs of many diabetic patients. They frequently contribute to the development of diabetic foot ulcers, which could be non-healing and may lead to amputations.


Some of the foot deformities that should not be overlooked are:

  • Bony prominence
  • Clawed/hammer toes
  • Limited foot mobility

With diabetes, especially if it is not under control, not only will the feet start to lose the sensation due to peripheral neuropathy, there will be motor neuropathy, where there will be weakness and muscle wastage in the small muscles of the feet. This will cause the feet to become weak and the joints to become limited and this adds to the risk of developing foot ulcers.


Joint limitation and stiffness, especially around the ankles, will increase pressure to the forefoot and other areas of the foot, resulting in abnormal pressure loading and increases the risk of ulcerations.


Clawed or hammer toes develop when there is an imbalance to the intrinsic foot muscles due to the muscle wastage. This will cause bones on the toes to be more prominent and increased pressure on that area, which could lead to foot ulcers. Any bony prominence, especially in the bunions, is more prone to ulcerations as well as the skin is thinner and easier to break down into a wound.


At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, our podiatrists are trained to monitor your feet for any deformities that may contribute to the risk of foot complications.  Overall, it is to prevent you from getting amputation due to diabetes.