Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre | Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will be allocated an appointment for a thorough consultation and assessment of your diabetic lower limbs. This in-depth consultation may take anywhere from 45-90 minutes to complete (without treatment).
  • Please aim to arrive around 15 minutes early, in order to complete registration.​
  • Please bring along all X-rays/ MRIs, blood lab results, doctor’s letters, list of medications, and other information which may be of value.  This aids your podiatrist in assessing and managing your diabetic foot conditions.
  • Please bring along your most commonly worn footwear.  List or bring along any treatments you have previously tried for the podiatrist to see, including all wound dressings and topical medications.

This depends on the extent of your wound severity and your underlying medical history. Your podiatrist will determine and discuss this prior to proceeding with the treatment, but it is our aim to have the wound healed in the shortest time possible.

Wound healing is a complex area. There are many reasons why the wound has not healed successfully. At SDFC, we employ techniques using advanced technologies in accelerating wound healing. However, this will depend on your presenting wound and its underlying history. The podiatrist will be able to determine this upon consultation.

Loss of sensation in the foot usually signifies some changes in the nervous system. This may be due to degenerative changes brought by long term conditions such as diabetes. At SDFC the podiatrists are skilled in handling conditions related to the loss of sensation in the feet. This may include using advanced technology in podiatric medicine.

Tingling sensation may be due to various reasons including changes in the nervous system or blood circulation. Prior to discussing the appropriate treatment plan, your podiatrist will carry out a comprehensive foot assessment to determine the root cause of the problem. Once the cause has been established, we will tailor your treatment accordingly.

We are unable to accept CHAS / Pioneer Generation Cards at our clinic. You may click on this link for our Payment Modes and Easy Payment Options.

You will not be able to utilize Medisave / Medishield at SDFC. Please click on this link for our Payment Modes and Easy Payment Options.

Our treatments are administered by Podiatrists in an out-patient clinic setting. You will need to ascertain your policy coverage directly with your insurer.

We do not accept Letter of Guarantees (LOGs). At the moment, we have no direct billing arrangements with any insurers. You will need to make payment at SDFC and seek reimbursement personally from your insurer.

Certainly, we are staffed with an international team of Podiatrists and clinic staff that will be able to assist with translation. We are able to attend to patients that speak English, Mandarin (including certain dialects), Melayu, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog. Please do let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements for a translator.

A doctor’s referral is not required. You are welcome to make an appointment with or without a referral letter.

There are several hotels in the immediate vicinity of SDFC. You may consider the following:

  • Singapore Marriot Tangs Plaza Hotel
  • Mandarin Orchard Singapore
  • Holiday Inn Express Singapore
  • Grand Park Orchard

Our goal is to ensure you are fully healed before you return to your home country. As such, your treatment may span over 3 to 4 weeks from your initial consultation. Depending on your progress, you may need to extend your stay. Please do make arrangements for an open air ticket back and anticipate an extension of your stay.