General Podiatric Care

General Podiatric Care at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


In general, people often take for granted the important role that our feet play in carrying and supporting our entire body weight. Skin conditions and toenail disorder affecting the lower leg sometimes can be undertreated or even neglected, until it causes pain and discomfort. In people with diabetes who may have diabetic neuropathy poses even a greater risk of neglecting these problems completely, due to the absence of pain sensation or discomfort.


It is important to have general podiatric care routinely when you have skin or toenail disorder. This is to avoid getting the foot at risk of foot ulceration and amputations. At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, our team comprises of highly-skilled podiatrists in treating and managing your general podiatric skin conditions and toenails disorder. Podiatric care can make a massive difference to people with diabetes’s lifestyle by enabling them to walk pain-free, wound prevention, removing painful lesions of the plantar foot and keeping them at a level where the foot is not at risk.


General podiatric care of skin conditions and nail disorders affecting the lower leg and foot can range from cutting/filing pathological toenail, reducing hard hyperkeratotic skin, enucleating corns, debriding anhidrotic heel fissures and ingrown toenail management. Self-treatment of such conditions or disorder can often turn a minor problem into a major one and is generally not advisable especially for people with the underlying problem such as diabetes.