Musculoskeletal Foot Assessment

Musculoskeletal Foot Assessment | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


People with diabetes are prone to various musculoskeletal issues. This is mainly because diabetes may affect the collagen in the body system which then affects their joints flexibility, especially in the lower limbs. Complicated by underlying complications of diabetes such as neuropathy and poor circulation, people with diabetes may develop foot problems which they may not be aware of. Due to this, they can develop cuts and wounds started from small abrasion as simple as ill-fitting shoes, and other deformities such as bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, high arch feet, and Charcot foot.


At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre (SDFC), our centre is equipped with advanced technology to determine musculoskeletal abnormalities in people with diabetes. The podiatrists at SDFC will be able to carry out a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment to determine the foot problems accurately and followed by tailoring your needed treatment.


The musculoskeletal assessments at SDFC will include using latest gait analysis equipment and advanced pressure mapping device to assess patient’s musculoskeletal abnormalities including detecting pressure areas that are prone to break down and ulcerate.


The comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments married with skills that our podiatrists at SDFC possess, we ensure successful clinical outcomes through our gold standard treatment methods.