Scalpel Debridement

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Sharps debridement is a procedure that removes dead or necrotic tissue from the body. During this procedure, a podiatrist will completely remove the material using a scalpel.


Corns and calluses form when there is excessive pressure or friction on the skin. They lead to uncomfortable pressure points while walking. If a callus is neglected or allowed to accumulate, it can cause tissue death due to the pressure, and an ulcer can form.


Skin breakdown is a real concern for diabetics, especially those with peripheral neuropathy. A callus may be covering up an underlying deep wound or ulceration. Therefore, it is important to manage corns and calluses appropriately.


Diabetic patients who develop corns or calluses on high-risk areas such as the feet need regular treatment and care for prevention of ulcers. Skilled debridement using podiatric methods to remove the callus decreases the chances of ulcer formation. It is essential that debridement is done by a specialist, as improper removal of the callus may cause further problems. For wounds or ulcers which are already present, sharp debridement removes necrotic or foreign material from the wound.  It is a gold standard in advanced wound care.